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A Brand New Way to Get Free Sports Picks

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

There’s nothing quite like discovering a new gambling blog on Twitter. came across our browser this week and the results have been amazing.  The site is riding an 8-3 hot streak in baseball which has provided lucrative of late. covers everything around baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, and any other contest you can think of.  If the online sportsbooks have action on a game, it is likely that the team has some take on who will win and by how much.

Of late, their basketball picks have left something to be desired.  They have been right about the 76ers a few times which has made us some money, but we’re still waiting for the same type of heater there as baseball has seen.

The site has some awesome preview articles around the MLB season.  It’s still early on, and many of those lines are still available at popular sportsbooks.

In addition to gambling, the site covers some of the more exquisite locations in gambling travel.  We highly suggest checking out their Las Vegas travel page to get a better sense of what types of things you can expect when traveling to Las Vegas or Macau.

LazyBets is the very best site out there for good analysis.  Enjoy the reading!